Laura S. Rosecrance,  CEMT ~ Touching Horses
Certified Equine Massage Therapy
Show and Stable Therapy throughout the USA


When Energy Overrides Humanity

My true desire has always been the exchange of energies and understandings with Horses. My passion to share with the Horse the benefits of therapeutic massage and touch therapy as a deeper way to communicate and connect with them has developed into Equus Therapy.

Horses have always been a major part of my life. My respect and admiration of their spirit and integrity have captured my love and dedication to the Horse. With over 30 years of experience, my work as an Equestrian has lead me through both the business and pleasure sides of ownership and management.

As a competitor, USDF Dressage Judge, Trainer and Facility owner, I understand how important it is to put aside the distractions we may have and focus entirely on what may benefit the Horse over ourselves. This is when energy truly overrides Humanity.


Massage therapy can help improve the overall performance of your horse.

Additional benefits of theraputic massage

A healthier life for your horse …  A better ride for you!

  • Creating a relaxed disposition
  • Reduced inflamation from this therapy can reduce or alleviate any pain
  • Increases blood flow to promote faster healing after an injury
  • Loosens, warms up and stretches muscles-great for pre-events or shows 
  • Huge benefit for any HORSE


Massage Theraputic Appointments

Gentle movements cause subtle releases…

  • Initial Assessments

  • Gait posture analysis

  • Massage treatments